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The only modesty panel that keeps you covered cleavage to waist – when you bend at the waist! This is especially important for teachers and caregivers. « These are amazingly wonderful! I absolutely love them. They perfectly cover my ample cleavage and stay put! » (CH, CA) Our tested, patented elastic loop and button attachments allow each individual to adjust the size for their perfect fit. (Use our measuring instructions and size chart in the image above to determine your chemisette size.) Wear low to cover cleavage or higher to cover scars, tattoos or skin conditions. Double-wrap the elastic loops around the buttons. If the panel feels lose, bunches or moves around; double-wrap the loops around the bra straps to create more tension. The tension allows you to wear it as high or low as you like and keeps the top edge of the panel at your skin when you move around or bend at the waist. The bottom of the modesty panel falls away from the body when you bend over, keeping you covered to your waist. The outer garment keeps the bottom edge from coming. « They work beautifully. I would even say they are the best accessory a lady can have! » (LH, MA) « Peach skin is a smooth finish applied to finely woven Micro Fiber fabric. This finish allows garments to flow with your movements and drape beautifully. Peach Skin fabric apparel is ideal for any season and weather due to its light weight and texture. The feel of this luxurious fabric is soft, smooth and moderately wrinkle-resistant. » ( Our peach skin chemisette is the most versatile because it does casual or dressy and blends well with most fabrics. It is easy to care for and fairly wrinkle resistant. A double-layer of fabric further assures that it will function as promised and provide a nice appearance. We do not pre-wash our fabrics. Machine wash and dry to soften. Iron on low heat as needed. Choose one chemisette from the available colors. Buy the 3-color set or the 6-color set and get FREE SHIPPING.

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